An RxJS pipeable operator which multicasts the source stream and replays the latest emitted value.

function shareLatest<T>(): MonoTypeOperatorFunction<T>


MonoTypeOperatorFunction<T>: An Observable that shares the latest emitted value from the source Observable with all subscribers, and restarts the stream when it completes or errors.


It's similar to RxJS's shareReplay({ refCount: true, bufferSize: 1 }), but with one difference: If the source stream completes or errors, shareReplay will repeat that event for every new subscriber, whereas shareLatest propagates the event to all the current subscribers, and restarts the source subscription on the next outer subscription.


import { filter, map } from "rxjs/operators"
import { shareLatest } from "@react-rxjs/core"
const activePlanetName$ = planet$.pipe(
filter((planet) => planet.isActive),
map((planet) =>,

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