This function is deprecated. partitionByKey covers its intended use case.

A pipeable operator that collects all the GroupedObservables emitted by the source and emits a Map with the active inner observables.

function collect<K, V>(
filter?: (grouped: GroupedObservable<K, V>) => Observable<boolean>,
): (
source$: Observable<GroupedObservable<K, V>>,
) => CollectedObservable<Map<K, GroupedObservable<K, V>>>


  • filter?: (Optional) A function that receives the inner Observable and returns an Observable of boolean values, which indicates whether the inner Observable should be collected. Default: undefined.


CollectedObservable<Map<K, GroupedObservable<K, V>>> - An Observable that:

  • Emits a Map containing all the keys seen in the source grouped Observables so far, along with the grouped Observable for matches each key.
  • Has a function .get(key: K): Observable<V> that returns the Observable that matches the key parameter.

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