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<Subscribe />

A React Component that manages the subscription of its children's Observables.

It will subscribe to all the observables used by its children before they get mounted, and will unsubscribe from all of them once it unmounts.

If given a fallback, it also acts as a Suspense boundary, rendering the fallback element until the suspended element resolves.

const Subscribe: React.FC<{
source$?: Observable<any>
fallback?: JSX.Element

This Component first mounts itself rendering the fallback (or null if it wasn't provided), subscribes to source$ and then it renders its children.


  • source$: (Optional) Source Observable that the Component should subscribe to, before its children renders.
  • fallback: (Optional) The JSX Element to be rendered before the subscription is created. Default: null.

This Component doesn't trigger any updates if any of its subscription emits.

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