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Returns a version of bind where its hook will have the first parameters bound the results of the provided function (which can use hooks)

export function contextBinder<A extends unknown[], T>(
...args: Array<() => any>
): typeof bind


  • ...args: A list of functions that its result will be bound to the first arguments within getObservable of the bind function enhanced by this function.


An enhanced bind function where it will have its first arguments bound to the return values of the input functions


const MyContext = React.createContext<number>(0);

const myContextBind = contextBinder(
() => useContext(MyContext)

const [useValue, value$] = myContextBind(
(myContextValue, prefix: string) =>
of(prefix + ' ' + myContextValue)

const Component = () => {
const contextDisplay = useValue('Current context value:'))

return <div>{contextDisplay}</div>