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This function is deprecated. partitionByKey covers its intended use case.

A pipeable operator that groups the items emitted by the source based on the keySelector function, emitting one Observable for each group.

function split<T, K>(keySelector: (value: T) => K, streamSelector?: (grouped: Observable<T>, key: K) => Observable<R>): 
OperatorFunction<T, GroupedObservable<K, T>>


  • keySelector: A function that receives an item and returns the key of that item's group.
  • streamSelector: (Optional) The function to apply to each grouped Observable. Default: identity.


OperatorFunction<T, GroupedObservable<K, T>>: An Observable that emits a grouped Observable for each key provided by the key selector function. The values from the source Observable emitted in each grouped Observable are optional transformed by the stream selector function, if specified.


split will subscribe to each grouped Observable and share the result to every inner subscriber of that group. This inner Observable can be mapped to another Observable through the streamSelector argument.

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